We are an inclusive Queer & Trans community, co-creating a healing space for mind/body connection, affirmation and mutual support, through intentional movement, play, and yoga.

With every gathering we hold, we aim to meet and honor one another as we are, to engage in community as we actively listen to each other’s stories and connect through mind/body play and reflection. We hold a space that honors, values and celebrates the intelligence + perspective + love + experience of queerness.

Some ways that the capitalism has affected yoga in the West is that it's been turned into a commodity of lifestyle marketing: marketed to white affluent consumers of fitness and 'feel good.' This 'colonization' of yoga can end up severing the practice from its roots, and unfortunately has created a subculture of yoga and studios that center whiteness, heteronormity, and thin, able, young bodies, which leaves out many who could especially benefit from the profound nourishment and freedom yoga offers.

While yoga can provide stunning tools for physical health, vitality, and relaxation, this was never the end goal; yoga is a systematic art the leads the sadhaka, practitioner, towards integration and union from the skin/periphery, to to the core, the soul; from the ever changing (prakriti) to the never changing (purushra). It is a journey to still the fluctuations in consciousness, though ethical, physical, and subtle practices including asanas, yoga poses.

These deeper aspects are part of the vision of the Albuquerque Queer+Trans Community Yoga gathering.